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The Blackbird Room    Renovated 2018 

The SR-71 Blackbird was so far ahead of its time that no aircraft has matched its performance in the 50+ years since its first flight from Groom Lake -- the notorious "Area 51" -- in 1962.

Built almost entirely of titanium and stainless steel -- because anything else would melt -- at the Lockheed "Skunkworks" in Burbank, California, the Blackbird was able to cruise at Mach 3.35 for extended periods, at altitudes over 80,000 feet. To put that in perspective, that is about 3200 meters per second. Consider that a standard 9 mm bullet travels at "only" 340 meters per second, and you can see that the Blackbird could fly really, REALLY fast.

Designed from the start to be an invulnerable platform for strategic photographic and electronic reconnaissance, the Blackbird flew with impunity over virtually every "hot spot" in the world until it's retirement in 1998. The fact that over 4,000 missiles were launched at the Blackbird, to no avail, indicates just how "invulnerable" it really was.  No SR-71s were ever lost due to enemy action in almost 40 years of active service.

Our pet friendly ($30/dog, per night, up to a maximum of $100 in any month) "Blackbird Room" echoes those "can-do-anything" 1960s, with decor to match. Most of the artwork and memorabilia in this amazing room was donated to us by Bill Fox, a Project Coordinator at Lockheed for over 30 years. Bill saw it all in his amazing career at Lockheed and the autographed photos in this room are a tribute to him and all the folks who designed and built the most amazing aircraft in history.

With two Queen-sized beds, a refrigerator, microwave oven, single-cup coffee make, a 32" flat-screen HDTV, and our signature "delivered-to-your-room" continental breakfast each morning, and an easy stroll to the tenderly cared for pool and barbecue area.

NOTE: This room adjoins the "Reno Air Race Room". If you rent both of these lovely rooms, you can open up a common, interior door between them, and have a giant, 4-bed suite!

To specifically reserve the Blackbird Room, please call us at 361-416-1777

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