The Pan Am Clipper Room

Renovated 2018
Theme: The romantic era of trans-oceanic flying boats.

The Barnstormers Room   

Renovated 2014
Theme: Those magnificent men and their flying machines!

The Constellation Room       

Renovated 2018

Theme: The prettiest airliner ever built, and the golden age of airline travel.

The Floatplane Room        

Renovated 2018
Theme: The best way to visit the island -- a plane on floats!

Our smallest rooms, our singles have one queen-sized bed, are non-smoking, no pets allowed. They have a refrigerator, full-sized 10-cup coffee maker, microwave, standard tub/shower, 32" HDTV, DVD player, and include breakfast delivered to the room each morning.

The Piper J-3 Cub Room

Renovated 2012
Theme: The quintessential Piper J-3 Cub -- Everyman's airplane.

The Mustang Room      

Renovated 2018 
Theme: The best fighter plane of World War II.

The Lightning Room       

Renovated 2018
Theme: The most famous American twin-engined fighter of World War II.

The Women Pilots Room
Renovated 2018
Theme: Women pilots, from the early 20th century to today.

The Antique Aircraft Room

Renovated 2018
Theme: The aircraft that first enabled us to fly!

The Fly-In Movie Room

Renovated 2018
Theme: All those great Hollywood movies about flying and flyers!

The Memphis Belle Room 

Renovated 2018

Theme: The most famous bomber of World War II.