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The Stearman Room         Renovated 2018

Introduced in 1934, the Stearman Kaydet was a 2-seat biplane built by the Stearman Aircraft Division of Boeing in Wichita, Kansas. Despite its obsolete design, its rugged construction and simplicity made it an unexpected success as a trainer during World War II.  Between 1936 and 1944 Boeing built 8,584 Kaydets, plus the equivalent of 2,000 more in spare parts!

In addition to the Navy and Army Air Corps, the Stearman (as it is more commonly known today) was sold to Canada, China, the Phillipines, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil for both military and civilian use. Many are still in service today, and can be seen dusting crops, hopping rides, and making appearance at air shows.

Ask a kid to draw a biplane -- he'll draw a Stearman, every time.  It just looks right.

Our Stearman room is built in honor of this great plane which is also featured in our custom stained-glass feature in our lobby.  With two queen beds, a refrigerator, microwave, hair dryer and single-cup coffee maker, the Stearman Room surrounds you in comfort, with artwork from the National Stearman Fly-in, held annually in Galesburg, Illinois.

Your stay will include our signature "delivered-to-your-room" continental breakfast basket, made up of a variety of bakery items, fruit-cup, granola bar, coffee or tea.  The Stearman Room is directly across from the tenderly cared for pool and grilling area.

To specifically reserve the Stearman Room, please call us at 361-416-1777.  To reserve the next available double-queen room on-line, click here.

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