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The Van's RV Room        Renovated 2018

Richard VanGrunsven (AKA: "Van") had found success improving the designs of other homebuilt aircraft, but he yearned for more.  So, in 1972 he founded Van's Aircraft and began selling plans for his clean-sheet design, the RV-3.

From these humble beginnings, Van's Aircraft now occupies a 60,000 square foot facility near Aurora, Oregon, where they produce plans and parts for all the many different aircraft that have sprung from Van's fertile imagination over the last 40 years.  Over 8,000 RV kits have been completed and flown, with thousands more under construction.  Builders are now bringing new Van's aircraft to the sky at the rate of 1.5 new aircraft every day!

Our "Van's RV Room" pays homage to this amazing aviation success story, and features artwork and memorabilia from most of the various RV types flying.  But you won't be "roughing it" in any way, shape, or form!   Enjoy two queen beds, a 32" HDTV,  a microwave, refrigerator, single-cup (Not K-Cup)coffee maker, and an easy walk to our tenderly cared for pool and bbq area.

Your stay will include our signature "delivered-to-your-room" continental breakfast basket, made up of a variety of fresh bakery items, fruit-cup, granola bar, coffee, and tea. 

Note: This room adjoins with the Charles Lindbergh Room. Reserve both, open the common inner door, and enjoy a giant 4-bed suite!

To specifically reserve the Van's RV Room, please call us at 361-416-1777. 

Here are some pictures of this fabulous room: