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The Pan Am Clipper Room   Renovated 2018

A tribute to those pioneering pilots who first explored and then opened the islands of the South Pacific, the "Pan Am Clipper Room" is decorated to reflect the romantic era of the Pan American flying boats of the 1930s. Filled with photos and artwork of the giant, four-engine flying boats in the tropics, you will find this room to be your cure for modern-day life!

This was the era when airliners could not span the globe without landing in water -- there simply were not enough airports.  Thus, the solution was as elegant as it was daring -- combine an ocean liner with an airplane! 

The Clippers were the ultimate expression of this marriage of sea and air.  Enormous aircraft (only the Boeing 747 would finally be larger, almost 40 years later!), the Boeing and Sikorsky flying boats carried their passengers in the lap of luxury, with multi-course meals prepared by chefs and served by white-gloved waiters, smoking lounges, and sleeper rooms. 

Close your eyes in the Pan Am Clipper Room and you can almost feel the gentle tropical breezes, hear the wind in the palm trees, and smell the salt water...  Oh, wait -- you CAN do all of those things, here on Mustang Island -- from your room!   The Pan Am Clipper Room boasts a large, Queen-sized bed, refrigerator, single-cup (Not K-Cup) coffee maker, microwave oven, and hair dryer.  And, of course, your stay with us includes our signature "delivered-to-your-room" continental breakfast basket each morning, with a variety of fresh bakery, fruit, coffee, or teas. -- all at no extra charge!

To specifically reserve the Pan Am Clipper Room, please call us at 361-416-1777