We DELIVER breakfast to every guest room, every morning... 

We are the only hotel in the world that does this! 

Why?  Because that's the way WE like it, when we travel.  Everything in our hotel has been designed to meet (or defeat) our "pet peeves" about traveling -- and the "continental-breakfast-in-the-lobby-with-guys-who-haven't-taken-a-shower-yet" ranks as our NUMBER ONE "pet peeve".

Here's how it works:  When you check in, you get to make selections from a menu of bakery items, fruit, juices, coffees, and teas.  Whatever you select will be in a basket outside of your door by 7 AM the next morning.   When you awaken, enjoy breakfast in bed! 

Is this more work than doing it the way other motels do?  You betcha.  Do other hoteliers think we're crazy to do this?  Absolutely!   But we've been doing it every day since 2010!

ONLY at Amelia's Landing...

Breakfast in Bed!